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Winding up of LLP

LLP popular amongst many entrepreneurs. However, due to a number of reasons, it may be necessary to close a LLP or windup a LLP. A LLP winding up can be initiated voluntarily or by a Tribunal. If the LLP has lenders, secured or unsecured, then the approval of the lenders would also be required for winding up of the LLP. To begin the process for winding up of LLP, a resolution for winding up of LLP must be passed and filed with the Registrar within 30 days of passing of the resolution. On the date of passing of resolution of winding up of LLP, the voluntary winding up shall be deemed to commence.

A LLP Liquidator must be appointed within thirty days of passing of resolution of voluntary winding up through a resolution. In case there are any creditors, then the appointment of LLP Liquidator shall be valid only if it is approved by two thirds of the creditors in value of the LLP. It is then the duty of the LLP Liquidator to perform the functions and duties for winding up of LLP. The LLP Liquidator would settle the creditors and adjust the rights of the partners, as the case may be. Closing an LLP can take up to two months, provided the partners are quick to complete many procedures required.

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