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Service Tax Registration

Service Tax Registration is a tax registration required for businesses providing services in India. Service Tax is a form of indirect tax imposed only on services provided.Service Tax registration is a function of gross turnover. Once the turnover of the assesses crosses a threshold limit of Rs 9 lacs, the service provider is required to get registered under the law, and compulsorily required to charge service tax on services provided once the turnover crosses Rs 10 lakhs. All service providers in India, except those in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, are required to pay this tax in India. Service Tax is governed by Finance Act, 1994.

Failure to apply would result in penalties of Rs. 5,000 or Rs. 200 a day, whichever is higher. Failure to collect service tax, once applicable, would also result in steep fines. At present, Service Tax is levied at 12.3% on the value of the taxable service. This includes Education Cess @ 2% on the service tax amount, and Secondary and Higher Education Cess @ 1% on the service tax amount.

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